We designed this project around the idea that NFTs should have utility and offer incentives to hold. Magic Mushroom Mafia’s roadmap is structured in a way to provide holders value in the long run!


The Magic Mushroom Mafia NFTs will be minted on this website at a price of 0.03 ETH, limited to 10 per transaction, 10 total per wallet. This is to ensure fair allocation and increase the number of owners.


Unique Magic Mushroom Mafia NFTs will be sent to random holders’ wallets. 50 Magic Mushrooms will be withheld from the mint to be used for giveaways and as rewards for helping grow the Magic Mushroom Mafia community. Each mushroom held is an extra chance to win the giveaways! These giveaways will happen on a weekly basis starting shortly after mint.


Any remaining NFTs that do not get minted will be permanently burned, forever. This will accelerate the secondary market on Opensea, and the royalties from secondary sales of the mushrooms will be used to fund the community wallet!


Every wallet that owns a Magic Mushroom NFT as of December 25th, 2021 will get a free unique NFT collectible for free. These NFT’s are mafia vehicles aka magic mushroom transportation (1 mafia vehicle per NFT held). This will begin on December 25th, 2021, and commence throughout the week!

The vehicle NFTs are something our team is super excited about. We don’t want to give away too much information but we can tell you you’re going to like them!

1/1 Unique Airdrops!

Custom-made 1/1 Magic Mushroom Mafia NFTs will be raffled and airdropped to holders! There are 17 unique NFTs in the collection and so far 10/17 have been added and raffled away! The final 7 unique MMM NFTs will be raffled off in Q1 of 2022!


Exclusive members store available, only holders of MMM NFTs can access it! This will include custom merch, physical artwork, posters, and more! Products in this store will be sold at cost for our community!


Magic Mushroom Mafia comic book release. Your mushrooms will be unveiled in a whole new capacity. Professional cartoonists, story writers, and illustrators are going to collaborate on a custom-made comic book for the mafia! This book will be free for all holders of the NFT.


Community Wallet will be created and funded through 100% of secondary sale royalties on Opensea for the first year! Each Magic Mushroom Mafia NFT held will count as 1 vote towards the community wallet. Our community will vote on where this money goes and how it’s spent through a private member-only discord channel. Furthermore, every member holding an NFT is an integral part of the community and its governance.

The community wallet is meant to be a fun way for the community to be a part of something bigger. We plan on buying NFTs, donating to charities, funding events, and tons of other fun stuff if the funds are available to do so! Here’s an example of a choice that members will be able to make for the community wallet:

  • Option 1: Donate to a childrens hospital.
  • Option 2: Order a cameo of a celebrity shouting out the Magic Mushroom Mafia

We love the idea of our community being given ethical decisions, investment choices, and all-around fun decisions for how the community wallet is spent.


We are taking 5% royalties on secondary sales. The secondary sales royalties will be distributed into one main community wallet. Here is a breakdown of how these revenues will be used. For the first year, 100% of the secondary sale royalties will be reinvested into the community!



This roadmap has our plans for the next few months, but it doesn’t end there. We have tons of plans that will be unveiled in the coming months. The mafia is here for the long run.