Al CaShroom and Shroom King are the lead developers and co-creators of the Magic Mushroom Mafia project. Al Cashroom and Shroom King worked together to conceptualize the artwork and roadmap. After creating the rough sketches, attributes, and rarities for the mushrooms, the duo worked alongside a professional cartoonist to bring their vision to life. 

Al’s background experience is in economics, finance, digital media, and project management. Ever since he was introduced to NFTs, he has been building up the ideas, artwork, roadmap, and management plan for the MMM project and is now ready to unveil it to the world!


Shroom King has a background in marketing, software development, and digital content creation. Shroom King fell in love with the idea of building a community project that was inclusive to everyone, along with using technology that he thinks will change the world.


Well, there are two main inspirations. As for the artwork, we thought it would be cool and unique to create funny mushroom characters that were alive. We wanted to create these funny mushroom characters that had weapons, technology, and everything that a great army would have. The lore behind these mushrooms is that they are a badass-looking army, but in reality are extremely soft. More on the Magic Mushroom Mafia’s story will come in the form of a comic book and an in-depth story on the Shroomverse.

We wanted to build a supportive community of like-minded individuals from around the world who share the same views! We created this project with the goal of inclusivity in mind. We want every Mafia member to be more than just a collector. We want everyone to be a contributor, team member, and partial owner to an awesome project. We envisioned everyone being equal in the community, just like how mushrooms show you that we are all in this together, one species, one planet. This is shown in our artwork as we created disabled mushrooms (wheelchair and prosthetic legs), tattooed mushrooms, and other colour schemes to represent our diverse human species.

We were inspired by other projects like Lazy Lions, for their awesome community and charity work they’ve accomplished! We aspire to give back to the community, that’s why 100% of our secondary sale royalties are sent to the community wallet where holders can decide how the money is spent! The Mafia votes on what to use the funds for and has full control of how its allocation! The Mafia can decide to donate it to charity, use it for marketing, or use the funds for any other endeavors they decide on. 


As to our vision for the project, we wanted to create an NFT collection with extra utility behind the art. This includes NFT airdrops, giveaways, access to other projects, and more for holders!

Not many projects out there are grown as a community, most pay influencers and whales to get members on board. That’s exactly the opposite of how we want this community to grow. We want to grow the project through organic methods, word of mouth, and collaborations with like-minded projects!

As this NFT project has a limited quantity and small overall collection size, we are perfectly fine with slower growth because this isn’t a short-term project. We offer tons of incentives for people to hold these NFTs long-term. Once people read the roadmap, meet the community, and understand what we’re trying to build here, we’re sure they will love this project.