Magic Mushroom Mafia is a collection of 1,129 Magic Mushroom NFTs — unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.


1,112 Magic Mushroom Mafia NFTs have been programmatically generated. These mushrooms are generated using different traits such as mouths, eyes, clothes, arms, legs and headwear. There are also 17 custom-made Magic Mushrooms in this launch that are by far the rarest. So far, only 10/17 unique Magic Mushrooms have been added to the collection!

Some traits are rarer than others. Every mushroom is cool, but some are going to be more desirable based on the rarity of the mushroom’s traits.

Read more about the rare traits here.


Every wallet holding a mushroom will be airdropped a unique NFT collectible for free. This airdrop will begin on December 25th, 2021 and continue throughout the week!


50 mushrooms will be withheld from the mint to be used for giveaways to holders and as rewards for helping grow the Magic Mushroom Mafia community.


A portion of secondary sale royalties will be reinvested into what the community decides in the discord. Each mushroom will equal one vote.


Magic Mushroom Mafia NFT’s are more than just collectibles. Holders will have access to NFT giveaways, NFT airdrops, access to other projects, voting rights, and more! Being part of the Mafia has its perks.


Magic Mushroom Mafia NFT’s will be available on after launch


Every Mushroom is sold for the same price. The rare mushrooms are randomly distributed throughout the drop. We don’t think it’s cool to charge more for rare Mushrooms, we want all members of our community to have an equal chance at getting a rare mushroom.

Every Magic Mushroom will be 0.03 ETH to mint. Limited to 10 per wallet address.


Read more about the roadmap here.

15% ~ 10 Unique custom-made Magic Mushroom Mafia NFTs raffled and sent to random holder’s wallets.

25% ~ Community Wallet created. Community votes on where this money goes via Discord.

*In Progress* 30% ~ Every Magic Mushroom Mafia holder will receive 1 vehicle per NFT held ~ Art will be released on 2021/12/25 and airdropped during that week.

50% ~ Exclusive members store available, only holders can access it

100% ~ Magic Mushroom Mafia Comic Book Release


Read more about the team here.

Shroom King

Lead developer for the Magic Mushroom Mafia NFT project. Handles all things technical for the Mafia.  King’s background is in marketing, software development, and digital content creation.

Al CaShroom

Community manager, creative director, and mastermind behind the artwork. Al’s background experience is in economics, finance, digital media, and project management.

Shroom Army

Everyone else that contributed to making this project a reality. This includes our advisors, moderators, and everyone who helped along the way. We couldn’t have done this without you.

The Community

We aren’t relying on influencers to promote this NFT collection. We’re confident in the community we’re building and the project itself. Thanks to (you!) the mafia for all the support!